Ukrainian Parliamentarians Criticize Use of Faulty Nuclear Materials

4-26-08, 9:48 am

Kiev, Apr 26 (Prensa Latina) The use of faulty nuclear fuel from the US in Ukrainian electronuclear plants is a risk, explained an expert commenting on the agreement of US Westinghouse and Ukraine's nationally owned Energoatom.

Nestor Schufrich, former minister of a Ukrainian ministry that oversees post-Chernobyl emergency operations, considered the agreement impossible without previous corresponding tests of the nuclear fuel being imported.

Also popular deputy to Ukraine's Supreme Rada (national parliament), Schufrich expressed doubt over the agreement signed March 31 between the two specialized energy corporations, 24 hours before the arrival of President George W. Bush to Kiev.

Finland and the Czech Republic have Russian reactors working with light pressurized water as in the Ukraine, but past experience with Westinghouse has demonstrated frequent problems, recalled the legislator for the Regional Andrei Kluyev Party.

Incompatibility of the equipment causes the unsafe functioning of heat generators made by the US company, he warned the parliament.

Voice of Russia radio also reported recently that Kiev would be affected both economically and environmentally because the Russian elements are cheaper and waste products are removed, according to a signed agreement. Westinghouse products are more costly and the company will not handle waste.

For his part Gennadi Chufrin, vice-director of the Russian-based Institute of World Economy International Relations, said that the agreement with Westinghouse corresponds to the political interests of US-backed Ukrainian President Victor Yuschenko and his group.

Chufrin said all Yuschenko's efforts point to Ukraine substituting purchases from Russian and other Eurasian companies with others of Western origin.

From Prensa Latina