Iran: Economic Bankruptcy and Escalating Poverty

In the process of the presidential elections of 2005, Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad, referring to the increasing privation and poverty, promised to lead the society to social justice and reduce poverty and privation by putting the “oil money on people’s table.” Close to two years after these promises, a look at the critical economic situation of the country only shows that the “oil money” and the national wealth has been put on the tables of the big merchant-capitalists and their dependants.


Something's Gotta Give: Will the World Unite Against the US?

Only an alliance of civilizations could oppose the United States’ empire: the Russian civilization whose orbit includes the Community of Independent States (CIS); the Chinese, the Indian, the Islamic and the Latin American civilizations.


Economic Equality and Environmental Stewardship

Research has shown that in countries with a wide disparity between rich and poor, environmental protection tends to be a lower priority. The inverse is also true: Countries with greater economic equality assign higher priority to safeguarding their environment.


Atlanta: Minority-Owned Firm Sues AHA over Contract Discrimination

Wilfred Gibson, 42, former owner of a small landscaping company, Gibson Landscape Management, has filed suit against the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) for allegedly discriminating against his company and putting him out of business.


Alberto Gonzales and the Coup Against Democracy

Bush is well known for his habit of awarding sensitive posts to old friends, as if the prime objective of the president of the United States is to protect the administration's secrets and rubber stamp whatever compulsive policies he and his self-serving neoconservative associates concoct.


A Tale of Two Australians

I recently showed Citizen Kane, which many regard as the greatest American film of all time, to a summer school course on US history that I teach. The film, of course, was loosely based on the life of media Robber Baron William Randolph Hearst, war monger, red-baiter, and uncrowned king of 'yellow' journalism.


Even in Minnesota: When Domes Attack

Minneapolis-Saint Paul is the last place on earth I would have expected a 'structurally deficient bridge' to collapse, but it happened. As sure as the levees broke in New Orleans, the bridge is no more.


How to Recycle Styrofoam

Known within the packaging industry as expanded polystyrene (EPS) and usually bearing the “#6” recycling symbol, Styrofoam (which is actually the trademark name for Dow Chemical’s product) has long been an environmental bugaboo.


Increasing the Size of the Supreme Court

In a July 26th op ed piece in the New York Times, historian Jean Edward Smith made a suggestion as to what should be done if the current Supreme Court continues on its merry way, if it continues to follow what so many see as a conservative, even right wing, agenda...


Democratic Congress Passes Expansion of Children's Health Insurance

Both Democratic-led Houses of Congress this week easily passed separate bills that would reauthorize the State Children Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) and provide new funding to cover at least an additional 3 million uninsured children under the popular 10-year old program.

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