U.S.: Congress Tries to Undermine War Crimes Court

A recent speniding bill pushed by Bush and the Republicans threatens to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to countries that have joined the International Criminal Court but do not sign bilateral immunity agreements with the US.


Pablo Neruda: A People's Poet

Pablo Neruda has inspired the left cultural movements internationally. His mark cannot be underestimated.

Continuing Crisis In the Sudan

Another ceasefire breaks down in Darfur, Sudan, thretening a reignition of the violence. Also, China and Venezuela meet, and what are the consequences of the falling dollar on US workers.

TV Makeover Shows Are Prime-Time Madness

In 'The Swan' and 'Extreme Makeover,' women undergo plastic surgery and public humiliation on TV in a supposed effort to feel better about themselves. It is the merchandising of self-worth and a big prime-time lie.

White House May Have Issued Torture Order

Released FBI records indicate that Bush may have ordered torture used during interrogation of detainees and prisoners of the 'war on terrorism.'

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