Mixed Thoughts on the NY Cop Killers

Usually whenever a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is angry, you can bet that's a good day for humanity. Recently FOP President Pat Lynch stood outside of Brooklyn Supreme Court and told the 12/18 New York Daily News: 'This mongrel today got away with murder.'

Obama Creates Historic White House Task Force

The Obama Transition Team announced the formation of an historic task force this week – the White House Task Force on Working Families. According to the transition team's announcement, Vice President-elect Joe Biden will head the task force.


Editorial: Symbolism and the Inaugural Prayers

With his apparently obsessive effort to demean LGBT people and to devalue their struggle for equality, Rick Warren symbolizes a deep and abiding homophobia...


Book Review: An Appeal to Reason

Nigel Lawson, former British Energy Secretary in the Thatcher government and “Lord Lawson of Blaby,” has written a book that, like some others which minimize global warming, uses partial truths, baldfaced lies, and specious reasoning to make his case.


Rise of China and Pragmatic Marxism, An Interview

I have a bit of hostility towards Mahbubani, given some of the statements he has made about China in the past where he has described the CCP not as the Communist Party of China but as the Chinese Capitalist Party.


Serious Questions About the Auto “Bailout”

The Bush administration has signed off on a “bailout” for GM and Chrysler that is nothing for labor to cheer about. Federal intervention and funding was necessary to prevent the collapse of the auto industry, whose repercussions in terms of jobs across the national economy would have been catastrophic.


Book Review: Raymond Williams: A Warrior's Tale

What do you, the reader, want from a biography? A meticulously assembled heap of information, a clear chronology, a summary of a life – or is it the ideas that are paramount?

Zimbabwe: 'Life used to be good here, but what you see now is misery'

There have been no farm jobs since President Robert Mugabe embarked on the fast-track land reform program that displaced more than 4,000 commercial farmers and caused the collapse of the agricultural sector, one of Zimbabwe's major employers.


Obama Announces Renewed Emphasis on Science

Science, technology and research will again have a special emphasis in his administration, President-elect Barack Obama reiterated in his weekly address to the nation this weekend.


Dangers of Desalinization

Due to its high cost, energy intensiveness and overall ecological footprint, most environmental advocates view desalinization (or desalination)—the conversion of salty ocean water into fresh water—as a last resort for providing fresh water to needy populations.

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