A Most Desperate Move by the Fed

Last Tuesday, December 16 (2008), the Bernanke Fed took the most unusual step of lowering the overnight inter-bank lending rate, the federal funds rate, to a level never reached before, i.e. zero percent with an upside limit of 0.25 percent.


Some Reflections on 'Dignitas Personae'

Mixing up science and religion usually does no credit to the cause of scientific understanding. The latest instruction from the Vatican on bioethical issues is a case in point.

Enduring Dixie: College Football Today

In 2008 we are faced with a question: What is the easier path for an African American male, becoming president of the United States or an NCAA Division I football coach? The answer reveals something sordid about college sports, as well as university presidents and the boosters who back them.

Al Qaeda Detainee Tortured for Misinformation, New Report

Two Bush administration intelligence analysts who wrote reports on the C.I.A.'s interrogation of a 'high value' al-Qaeda detainee were never told he had been subject to waterboarding and other coercive methods, Vanity Fair contributing editor David Rose reports.


End the Auto Crisis: Public Ownership to Save Jobs and the Environment

For us the fight to defend the United Auto Workers union (UAW) and its members is immediate. It is estimated that over three million jobs are linked to the jobs at GM, Ford and Chrysler. Bankruptcy would have devastating effects on communities where these workers live.


Auto Salvation and Restructuring – Only the Workers Can Make it Happen

The collapse of the congressional short-term bailout of the imperiled US auto industry brings us to a crossroads. The immediate cause was right-wing Republican demands to kill the UAW as the price tag for its support.

Video: Spain Rodriguez and Che: A Graphic Biography

Spain Rodriguez was one of the original members of Zap Comics and has a reputation as a political artist who pushes the boundaries of creativity. He is the author of several graphic novels, including CHE: A Graphic Biography.


Try that One on for Size: Al-Zaidi Puts Iraq Back on the Map

I can't lie. I've watched Iraqi journalist Montather Al-Zaidi whip those two shoes past George Bush's head more times than I can count. I loved it; I even got into the corny jokes about the Red Sox drafting Al-Zaidi in the spring.

How History Will View Bush

As George Bush prepares to leave office, he and his aides are trying desperately to rewrite history, especially on Iraq. Nearly six years after invading Iraq on the basis of lies that were manufactured inside the White House, the Bush administration adamantly insists the lies were all innocent mistakes.

The Unjustifiable Destruction of the Environment

Can the capitalist society avoid it? News about this issue are far from encouraging. The project to be submitted for approval on December next year in Copenhagen, where the new Convention that will replace Kyoto’s will be discussed and approved, is being currently analyzed at Poznan.

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