The “Caracazo” Uprising in Pictures

Friday, February 27th, 2009 marks the twentieth anniversary of Venezuela’s popular upheaval against the imposition of neoliberal shock policies by the second government of Carlos Andrés Pérez.

Would You Go to Jail to Protest Torture?

Are you ready to go to jail for what you believe? Would you stand up to the Pentagon by engaging in non-violent civil disobedience to protest torture?

Comment: Real Life and the New York Post's Cartoon Violence

As has been widely reported this month, the New York Post published a sociopathic cartoon that depicted cops riddling a chimpanzee with bullets as they say, 'They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus package.'

Former GSU Lecturer: I Was Fired for Intersex Guest Speaker

ATLANTA – Former Georgia State University Lecturer, and current PhD student, Matthew Cardinale, today, February 23, 2009, filed an eight page complaint against GSU Sociology Department Chair Donald Reitzes, and Lecturer and Teaching Director Mindy Stombler.


Venezuela: One Decade and a Yes for More

Hugo Chávez has won yet another victory in the referendum to amend the constitution and pave way for the removal of term limits for the election of a person to all the elected posts.


Pass the Employee Free Choice Act

57 million workers in the US say they would join a union if they could. But they can't because companies use threats and harassment to stop them. Unions are crucial for workers to band together to improve their pay, benefits and their dignity on the job.


Venezuelans Lift Term Limits

With close to 70 percent voter turnout and affirmations of the transparency of the process by international election observers, Venezuelans approved an amendment to their country's constitution to remove term limits on certain elected officials, Sunday, Feb. 15th.

Stimulus Passes, Will Boost Education Spending

President Obama's economic stimulus package won final passage in Congress Friday, Feb. 13. The White House is expected to hold a prime time ceremony to sign the bill into law and set in motion a massive effort to jump start the failing economy.

'There are certain things only a union can do': Obama's Lincoln Birthday Remarks

Someday, some profit-minded publisher will publish the collected speeches of Barack Obama. It will sit on people's shelves next to their copies of the collected speeches of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. People will search through the volume for quotable quotes and pearls of wisdom.


Financial Crisis No Reason to Drop Immigration Reform Struggle

Immigrants in the United States, as well as activists supporting immigrant workers’ rights, are wondering what the impact of the current national and world financial crisis will be on immigration, and on efforts to get a better deal for immigrant workers, with or without papers, under the new administration.

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