Why 'Buy American' is Good Policy: An Interview with Scott Marshall

Basically the labor movement supported it. The Buy American provision was changed a couple of times, but in its initial form it mandated that public projects in the stimulus package receiving tax dollars must have some domestic content.


Prominent Economists Urge Passage of Pro-union Law

More than three dozen prominent economists, including a handful of Nobel Laureates, this week signed a joint statement urging passage of the Employee Free Choice Act as an effective measure to boost middle-class living standards and revive the worsening economy.

Global Vehicle Industry: A Question of Survival

On Monday February 16, 400 workers were stood down for a week in Albury, on the Victorian border, as their employer went into receivership. On the Friday they learnt that it would be for another week at least, and that many of them would not be coming back to work.


Unionization Would Boost Economy

Joining a labor union provides the most direct path to improving a worker's standard of living. If done on a large enough scale, unionization could help revive the entire US economy, a chorus of voices have argued recently.

Talking to US Workers About President Obama’s Visit To Canada

The friendship between the common people of Canada and the USA was underscored by the visit to Ottawa on February 19th of US President Barack Obama. Thousands of Canadians discouraged by officialdom from greeting the popular US President, nonetheless spontaneously converged on Parliament Hill.

The Great (Black) Depression

I need a big black stimulus. The $15 per week tax cut, courtesy of the Obama plan, will allow me to introduce diversity into my ramen noodle diet, but will not provide much else. African Americans need just a tad bit more.


Stop Baby Boomer Bashing: Protect Social Security and Medicare

Remember all those headlines about how the baby boom cohorts just lost several trillion dollars in home equity due to the collapse of the housing bubble and how they lost trillions more in their retirement accounts as a result of the stock market crash?


'Beating Up on Old People' to Balance the Budget?

In the middle of one of the worst economic crises in American history and with massive spending projected to create new jobs and loosen the credit markets, the Obama administration has called a 'fiscal responsibility' summit for this Monday, Feb. 23.

The Stimulus and the Threat to Stability

If those numbers are to be considered alarming, consider the situation facing African American workers. This January the Black jobless rate hit 12.9 percent; it was 9.2 percent in January 2008. That's an increase of 3.7 percent points over 13 months.

Seeking the Solution

Newspapers are now filled with articles on the great economic crisis engulfing world capitalism. Few leave us any the wiser. Most of them desperately attempt to explain how it all went wrong without questioning its very essence.

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