Why 'Buy American' is Good Policy: An Interview with Scott Marshall

Basically the labor movement supported it. The Buy American provision was changed a couple of times, but in its initial form it mandated that public projects in the stimulus package receiving tax dollars must have some domestic content.

Pushing to Rebuild the Gulf Coast, Still

Trouble the Water came close to winning an Oscar on Sunday Night! If you don't recall, it's the inspiring story of two Katrina survivors and their journey to rebuild their lives.

New GONSO News Tied to Controversial PR Firm

ATLANTA - A month-old online news service in Atlanta called GONSO, founded by veteran corporate journalists, is tied to a controversial public relations firm, Alisias, which, among other things, has put a positive spin on the mass displacement of public housing residents and mass demolition of public housing in Atlanta.

Comment: Real Life and the New York Post's Cartoon Violence

As has been widely reported this month, the New York Post published a sociopathic cartoon that depicted cops riddling a chimpanzee with bullets as they say, 'They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus package.'

Kirsten Price's Music Video 'Fall' Touches a Raw Nerve

Close on the heels of Barack Obama's presidential inauguration with its focus on public honesty and sacrifice, Kirsten Price's new music video shines a tender light on the human price paid by the Bush administration's war veterans.

Talking to US Workers About President Obama’s Visit To Canada

The friendship between the common people of Canada and the USA was underscored by the visit to Ottawa on February 19th of US President Barack Obama. Thousands of Canadians discouraged by officialdom from greeting the popular US President, nonetheless spontaneously converged on Parliament Hill.

Former GSU Lecturer: I Was Fired for Intersex Guest Speaker

ATLANTA – Former Georgia State University Lecturer, and current PhD student, Matthew Cardinale, today, February 23, 2009, filed an eight page complaint against GSU Sociology Department Chair Donald Reitzes, and Lecturer and Teaching Director Mindy Stombler.

The Great (Black) Depression

I need a big black stimulus. The $15 per week tax cut, courtesy of the Obama plan, will allow me to introduce diversity into my ramen noodle diet, but will not provide much else. African Americans need just a tad bit more.


Stop Baby Boomer Bashing: Protect Social Security and Medicare

Remember all those headlines about how the baby boom cohorts just lost several trillion dollars in home equity due to the collapse of the housing bubble and how they lost trillions more in their retirement accounts as a result of the stock market crash?


Technological Climate Change Fixes

While most of the world fixates on how to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere, scientists and engineers around the world are busy working on various “geo-engineering” technologies to mitigate global warming and its effects.

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