The “Caracazo” Uprising in Pictures

Friday, February 27th, 2009 marks the twentieth anniversary of Venezuela’s popular upheaval against the imposition of neoliberal shock policies by the second government of Carlos Andrés Pérez.

Global Vehicle Industry: A Question of Survival

On Monday February 16, 400 workers were stood down for a week in Albury, on the Victorian border, as their employer went into receivership. On the Friday they learnt that it would be for another week at least, and that many of them would not be coming back to work.

Violence Against Women: Most Pervasive Human Rights Violation

As International Women's Day nears the century mark (the first IWD was held in 1911), women have made enormous progress in many respects. But the present global economic crisis will have a profound negative impact on women, and the long struggle to end violence against women remains far from victory.


Venezuela: One Decade and a Yes for More

Hugo Chávez has won yet another victory in the referendum to amend the constitution and pave way for the removal of term limits for the election of a person to all the elected posts.

Humanitarian Costs of Climate Change Unpredictable

New projections of the impact of climate change make headlines every day, but a report by a leading research institution has underlined the need for 'meaningful data' to help aid agencies prepare for the future.

The US Must Think Again

The latest opinion polls in the United States conducted by the BBC, ABC and the German broadcaster ARD show that 20 percent of people think that the Afghan Karzai government is doing a poor job, compared with only eight percent in 2007.

China, Venezuela Boost Economic Cooperation with $12 Billion Fund

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping wrapped up his official visit to Venezuela yesterday, signing a dozen new agreements with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in the areas of energy, telecommunications, information, and agriculture.

UN Pays Tribute to Fidel Castro and Julius Nyerere

Nicaraguan Miguel D’Escoto, President of the UN General Assembly, today paid tribute to the late Julius Nyerere, the first president of Tanzania, and to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Afghanistan: Peace Movement, National Security Experts Urge Alternatives to Military Action

President Barack Obama's announcement this week of his decision to send two additional combat brigades to Afghanistan by this summer earned a swift response from peace groups.

Australia: End Privatization, Build the Public Sector

The Rudd government’s $42 billion stimulus package passed through the Senate last Friday, with the support of the five Greens senators, South Australian independent Nick Xenophon and Family First Steve Fielding. The Coalition were politically left out in the cold.

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