Prominent Economists Urge Passage of Pro-union Law

More than three dozen prominent economists, including a handful of Nobel Laureates, this week signed a joint statement urging passage of the Employee Free Choice Act as an effective measure to boost middle-class living standards and revive the worsening economy.


Pass the Employee Free Choice Act

57 million workers in the US say they would join a union if they could. But they can't because companies use threats and harassment to stop them. Unions are crucial for workers to band together to improve their pay, benefits and their dignity on the job.

Canada: Unemployment Tops 1.3 Million

The Canadian Labour Congress has responded to news that Canada lost 129,000 jobs in January with a renewed call for the federal government to make urgently-needed improvements to the Employment Insurance program.

Creating Jobs and Reviving Dreams: How a Government Jobs Program Can Save Obama's America

As the economy crumbles and the unemployment rate soars, government intervention in the economy has shifted from being an ideological position to a necessity. Bank failures and mass bailouts have led to calls for nationalization of the financial system.

Buy America Will Create US Jobs. We Need Lots of Jobs

The Buy America provision in the economic recovery package Congress now is finalizing has some rich and powerful voices against it.

USW Dispels 'Buy America' Myths

The United Steelworkers today called for an end to the myths and mistruths about “Buy America” and domestic sourcing that are clouding the debate and generating roadblocks to creating good jobs and renewing our economy.


Comment: Creating Good Jobs

Who would have dreamed a year ago we would be here today with a new government and our first African American President, Barack Obama. This was an election that changed history. It forced us to face up to and struggle with issues of race and class.

Off and Running: Opportunity of a Lifetime

I was standing on the Washington Mall on Inauguration Day, alongside nearly two million other people on Inauguration Day, and proudly watched the first African American take the oath of office in our nation’s history.

Labor Advocates Set the Record Straight on EFCA

In the effort to 'expose the lies and distortions' being spread about the Employee Free Choice Act, the labor advocacy group, American Rights at Work (ARAW), announced last week the launch of a new ad campaign on behalf of the bill.