Venezuela: One Decade and a Yes for More

Hugo Chávez has won yet another victory in the referendum to amend the constitution and pave way for the removal of term limits for the election of a person to all the elected posts.

Georgia: State Senator Seeks Death Penalty Moratorium, Activists Oppose Jury Changes

A coalition of Georgia religious and human rights activists led by Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (GFADP) spent Tuesday, February 17, 2009, asking state lawmakers to put the death penalty on hold in Georgia.

The US Must Think Again

The latest opinion polls in the United States conducted by the BBC, ABC and the German broadcaster ARD show that 20 percent of people think that the Afghan Karzai government is doing a poor job, compared with only eight percent in 2007.

Afghanistan: Peace Movement, National Security Experts Urge Alternatives to Military Action

President Barack Obama's announcement this week of his decision to send two additional combat brigades to Afghanistan by this summer earned a swift response from peace groups.

Australia: End Privatization, Build the Public Sector

The Rudd government’s $42 billion stimulus package passed through the Senate last Friday, with the support of the five Greens senators, South Australian independent Nick Xenophon and Family First Steve Fielding. The Coalition were politically left out in the cold.

Perriello, Peace and Justice

Peace and justice activists in Virginia's Fifth District were thrilled last November when we and our neighbors replaced Congressman Virgil Goode with Tom Perriello.


Venezuelans Lift Term Limits

With close to 70 percent voter turnout and affirmations of the transparency of the process by international election observers, Venezuelans approved an amendment to their country's constitution to remove term limits on certain elected officials, Sunday, Feb. 15th.

Poll Suggests Venezuela Referendum to Pass

Washington, DC -- A public opinion poll released today by Consultores 30.11 suggests that voter turnout will be very high in a national referendum in Venezuela on Sunday, February 15th, and that the proposed amendment to end term limits for all elected officials will pass.

Israel: Post-election Thoughts

It might seem incumbent on the media to master the complexities of the relevant political system before covering an election in a given country. However, there is a convenient short cut for lazy minds.

Health Care for All Can't Wait

I believe today we face one of the most important decisions in our Nation's history – how to address the insolvency of our health care system that threatens to decimate our country's budget, stability, and overall wellbeing.

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