Bush’s Plan Against Venezuela

Venezuela does not only represent a political and a sovereignty problem to the United States of America, but additionally Venezuela owns the energy resources from which the American economy of tomorrow depends.

The Economic Crisis: Greed is the Cause

Everyone is now accustomed to hearing that the financial crisis in the United States and in Britain was caused by American financial institutions lending money to unsafe borrowers for buying houses.

Capitalism's Open Secret

As the deadline for the next election nears, one question that needs addressing is whether it would serve as a much needed second referendum on the kind of economic policies that the previous NDA and the current UPA governments have followed.

Mexico City Residents Reject Oil Privatization

The overwhelming rejection of the Mexican Calderon administration's energy reform, which included the privatization of Mexico's oil industry, expressed by referendum on Sunday July 27, continued to hold the country's political attention this week.


Retirees to McCain: Social Security not a 'Disgrace'

Last week, media reports revealed that presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain gets almost $2,000 per month in Social Security checks, a system, he recently told an audience at a campaign stop, which he finds to be an 'absolute disgraceful.'

The Three Crises

It has never happened before. For the first time in modern economic times, three major crises – affecting finances, energy and food – are coinciding, coming together and merging. Each interacts with the others, exponentially worsening the deterioration of the real economy.


Heath Ledger Takes Joker in Dark Direction in New Batman Flick

Given that the US appears to have abandoned any notion of truth and justice in its pursuit of the American way, it appears that Hollywood has decided to follow its political precedent and provide another court jester.

Wilfred Sellars and Marxism

Sellars was an analytic philosopher, a member of a school stemming back over a hundred years, that grew out of the rejection of the European philosophical tradition growing out of German Idealism, especially Kant and Hegel. Marxism also grew out of this German tradition.

Art and Politics: Things Need to Be Said

A friend of mine called me a few days ago to comment on a scene he didn’t like on the Cuban soap opera presently being aired on television (Polvo en el Viento) in which some criminals hired by a dishonest female cashier beat up a couple as revenge for having reported her.


Venezuela’s Chavez Approves $566 Million in Infrastructure Projects

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez approved funds for the construction of a series of new infrastructure projects on his Sunday talk show Aló Presidente yesterday.

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