Bush’s Plan Against Venezuela

Venezuela does not only represent a political and a sovereignty problem to the United States of America, but additionally Venezuela owns the energy resources from which the American economy of tomorrow depends.

Obama in Berlin

BERLIN – I attended the big rally with Obama in Berlin Thursday evening, not as a press representative but as one of the crowd. And what a giant crowd it was! The news reports counted “over 200,000” but to someone sandwiched in so tight I could hardly lift my hand to scratch my itching nose.

New Ecuador Constitution Born

The Ecuadorian city of Montecristi, headquarters of the Constituent Assembly, is celebrating the approval of a new Constitution that represents the hope for a better nation.

¡Cierran a la mal llamada Fundación Nacional por la Democracia!

¿Alguna vez has oído mencionar a la Fundación Nacional por la Democracia (Nacional Endowment for Democracy, o NED, por sus siglas en inglés)? Muy poca gente la conoce. Sin embargo, la NED recibe fondos del erario público y lleva acabo una política externa sin ningún grado de transparencia ni control público.


Change '08

There's 'a change a-comin'.' It's gonna be big, huge. Think China earthquake; think tsunami. Like an earthquake it's going to shake the foundations of US political life from the ground up.


Mac the Knife: Cut the Needy to Feed the Greedy

An unprecedented discussion is sweeping the country about how to change direction for the common good. Tens of thousands of union members are knocking on the doors of millions of co-workers and their families to talk about the issues.

Bush Admin. Redefines Contraceptive Use as Abortion

Dozens of women's, health care, religious, civil rights, and labor organizations are protesting proposed new Department of Health and Human Services’ draft regulations that could significantly limit women’s access to basic reproductive health services, including some of the most common forms of birth control.

Democrats Vow Second Stimulus Package

In the face of the latest disturbing economic news, congressional Democrats are crafting a second stimulus package, according to AFSCME's GreenLine Blog. Discussions on how to proceed with a new stimulus package began this week with meetings between Democratic leaders and economists.

Drug Lobby Spends $1 Billion, Study Finds

Ever wonder why health care policy hasn't changed much in close to 40 years? One big reason is the amount of money the big pharmaceutical companies pour into Washington each year, into the pockets of politicians like John McCain, to maintain the status quo or to win new benefits for them.

Jesse Jackson and the Politics of Distraction

Today's news reports Jesse Jackson using the 'n' word. Jackson in Spain issued another apology. The politics of distraction unfortunately continue. Last week, John McCain had a bad week, only no one knew it. From fumbling the names of football teams (in Pittsburgh he claimed he repeated the names of the front line of the Steelers when a POW instead of the usual team) to his campaign co-chair accusing the working poor of “whining” and being in a 'mental recession,' McCain should have faced tough questions on veracity, character and judgment.

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