The Economic Crisis: Greed is the Cause

Everyone is now accustomed to hearing that the financial crisis in the United States and in Britain was caused by American financial institutions lending money to unsafe borrowers for buying houses.

The Three Crises

It has never happened before. For the first time in modern economic times, three major crises – affecting finances, energy and food – are coinciding, coming together and merging. Each interacts with the others, exponentially worsening the deterioration of the real economy.

Obama – The Greener Candidate

A recent commentary from The Environmental Magazine (E) describes presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama as the greener of the two candidates for president.

Talking About Capitalism, the Left, and Global Solidarity

It is possible that the successes of the Left and progressive forces, the labor movement, Marxist parties, etc., helped preserve capitalism from its own contradictions.

New Ecuador Constitution Born

The Ecuadorian city of Montecristi, headquarters of the Constituent Assembly, is celebrating the approval of a new Constitution that represents the hope for a better nation.

¡Cierran a la mal llamada Fundación Nacional por la Democracia!

¿Alguna vez has oído mencionar a la Fundación Nacional por la Democracia (Nacional Endowment for Democracy, o NED, por sus siglas en inglés)? Muy poca gente la conoce. Sin embargo, la NED recibe fondos del erario público y lleva acabo una política externa sin ningún grado de transparencia ni control público.


Free Trade and WTO’s Round of Negotiations at Doha

The WTO negotiations have turned into a fight by developed countries to open markets in developing countries to favor their big companies. The agricultural subsidies in the North, which mainly go to agricultural and food companies in the US and Europe, will not only continue but will actually increase, as demonstrated by the 2008 Farm Bill in the United States.

CPUSA Statement on the China Olympics

The Beijing Olympics represent a vision of the kind of future for which the Communist Party USA strives: a world where people from hundreds of countries come together peacefully to enjoy a common cause.


Green Paper on Climate Change: Paid to Pollute

Climate change is a reality, and it is already taking its toll on that important species and its habitat. Floods, droughts, rising seas and the destruction of crops are some of the outcomes being experienced and taking a huge toll on those affected.

Delhi, India: On The Margins

Delhi, like all other Indian cities and especially the metros, is a study in contrasts. Too often, however, the contrast between the rich and the poor in this city is presented as reflecting the difference between the new and the old, or between the integrated and the marginalized.

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