Retirees to McCain: Social Security not a 'Disgrace'

Last week, media reports revealed that presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain gets almost $2,000 per month in Social Security checks, a system, he recently told an audience at a campaign stop, which he finds to be an 'absolute disgraceful.'

The Three Crises

It has never happened before. For the first time in modern economic times, three major crises – affecting finances, energy and food – are coinciding, coming together and merging. Each interacts with the others, exponentially worsening the deterioration of the real economy.


Venezuela’s Chavez Approves $566 Million in Infrastructure Projects

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez approved funds for the construction of a series of new infrastructure projects on his Sunday talk show Aló Presidente yesterday.

Bush Tries to Push Failed Sex Ed. Policy onto Next Presidency

The Bush administration's ideologically motivated abstinence-only sex education programs don't work and may endanger young people, say opponents of the administration's latest effort to convince states to spend federal dollars on those programs.

Obama – The Greener Candidate

A recent commentary from The Environmental Magazine (E) describes presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama as the greener of the two candidates for president.


Mac the Knife: Cut the Needy to Feed the Greedy

An unprecedented discussion is sweeping the country about how to change direction for the common good. Tens of thousands of union members are knocking on the doors of millions of co-workers and their families to talk about the issues.


Campaign Calls for Living Wage by 2010

The federal minimum wage is due to increase today, July 24, to $6.55 per hour. Passage of the increase was one of the first accomplishments of the new Democratic-controlled Congress, and the wage is scheduled to rise again next summer to $7.25.

Bush Admin. Redefines Contraceptive Use as Abortion

Dozens of women's, health care, religious, civil rights, and labor organizations are protesting proposed new Department of Health and Human Services’ draft regulations that could significantly limit women’s access to basic reproductive health services, including some of the most common forms of birth control.


Green Paper on Climate Change: Paid to Pollute

Climate change is a reality, and it is already taking its toll on that important species and its habitat. Floods, droughts, rising seas and the destruction of crops are some of the outcomes being experienced and taking a huge toll on those affected.

Delegates Launch Push for 'Health Care for All' in DNC Platform

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), a leader for health care reform on Capitol Hill, is the first Democratic National Convention delegate to sign a new statement urging that the convention adopt a plank in the 2008 party platform to 'guarantee accessible health care for all.'

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