Wilfred Sellars and Marxism

Sellars was an analytic philosopher, a member of a school stemming back over a hundred years, that grew out of the rejection of the European philosophical tradition growing out of German Idealism, especially Kant and Hegel. Marxism also grew out of this German tradition.

Art and Politics: Things Need to Be Said

A friend of mine called me a few days ago to comment on a scene he didn’t like on the Cuban soap opera presently being aired on television (Polvo en el Viento) in which some criminals hired by a dishonest female cashier beat up a couple as revenge for having reported her.

China, Climate Crisis, and Sustainable Development

As capitalist industrial practices spread throughout the globe, the associated environmental problems were similarly dispersed and environment questions were actively posed for an increasing number of nations and an increasing portion of the global population.

Talking About Capitalism, the Left, and Global Solidarity

It is possible that the successes of the Left and progressive forces, the labor movement, Marxist parties, etc., helped preserve capitalism from its own contradictions.

The Role of Non-violence in History

“America is weak,” the Russian military officer boldly shouted at us, a group of closely-shaved raw recruits in our second week of basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. It was a cold February morning, and we had marched to a training site for classes, ironically, on patriotism.


How the Left Saved Capitalism

There is an entire genre of theory explaining why the Western capitalist democracies did not undergo socialist revolution in the 20th Century, as Classical Marxism had predicted. Not surprisingly, most of this material comes from the Left itself.

Al Gore's Modest Proposal

Former Vice President Al Gore in a speech in Washington this week called for a policy that would lead to the elimination of all fossil fuel based electrical power production in the US and its replacement by solar, wind, and other renewable energy source.

Socialism, Internationalism and Climate Change

There is an inseparable link between human beings and nature. They are interconnected and the actions of people have their consequences in the natural world. That is what we are witnessing today in climate change. The hole in the ozone layer is a direct consequence of CO2 emissions by man.

Bertrand Russell on Reading and Understanding History

The essay “How to Read and Understand History” was originally written in 1943. My copy is from a reprint published in 1957 by The Philosophical Library.


El salto de una sociedad movida por la ambición individual y la competencia, a otra que descanse en la solidaridad y la ayuda mutua, tropieza con muchos mas obstáculos materiales y trabas mentales que los que podrían haber imaginado Carlos Marx, sus precursores y todos sus seguidores en busca de la utopía socialista.

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