The Economic Crisis: Greed is the Cause

Everyone is now accustomed to hearing that the financial crisis in the United States and in Britain was caused by American financial institutions lending money to unsafe borrowers for buying houses.

Capitalism's Open Secret

As the deadline for the next election nears, one question that needs addressing is whether it would serve as a much needed second referendum on the kind of economic policies that the previous NDA and the current UPA governments have followed.

Indian Nuclear Scientists Object to Indo-US Nuclear Deal

At this critical juncture, when the Government is about to rush the safeguards agreement through the IAEA, there is a great deal of disquiet among the scientific community at large in this country.

Delhi, India: On The Margins

Delhi, like all other Indian cities and especially the metros, is a study in contrasts. Too often, however, the contrast between the rich and the poor in this city is presented as reflecting the difference between the new and the old, or between the integrated and the marginalized.

Increasing Attacks on Afghanistan Aid Workers Could Provoke Humanitarian Crisis

The increasing number of attacks on aid agencies is reducing their ability to deliver life-saving assistance to vulnerable communities; the consequences are 'serious' and could lead to a 'humanitarian crisis,' aid workers have warned.

Pakistan’s Leadership Vacuum

After almost eight years of military rule, Pakistan faces a myriad of challenges that threaten its very existence. American threats of unilateral action in the tribal area, Indian backed insurrection in Balochistan, a dramatic increase in suicide blasts, and the economy in tatters are some of Pakistan’s woes.

Book Review: Descent Into Chaos

The popular news reporting from Pakistan is limited, even more so than that coming from Afghanistan, which is even more limited than that from Iraq, in turn now becoming more limited as attention is directed towards Iran.

Pakistan: Police Attack on Striking Telecommunication Workers Condemned

The Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) condemns the attack by Pakistani paramilitary police (Rangers) on striking Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) workers in Islamabad on July 10, where the strikers were peacefully assembled to protest the privatization of the telephone company,

India: Withdrawal of Support to the UPA Government

The Left Parties have withdrawn support to the UPA Government. The UPA Government came into existence in 2004 with the support of the Left parties on the basis of its Common Minimum Program.

India's Climate Action Plan: Many Points, No Direction

The prime minister, who heads the PM's Council on Climate Change, released the much-anticipated National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) on June 30.

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