Janice Rogers Brown’s Nomination to the DC Circuit—A Clear Threat to the Rights of Working Families

If confirmed, Brown will hear and decide cases involving working families’ fundamental rights and protections, such as the freedom to form unions and the right to safe workplaces.


Groups Demand Inquiry into Bush’s Impeachable Offenses

The organizations forming the coalition include: Global Exchange, Gold Star Families for Peace,, Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, Progressive Democrats of America, and Democracy Rising.


Tom DeLay: Judge Rules PAC’s Actions Illegal

State District Judge Joe Hart ruled Thursday that Texas law is clear: hundreds of thousands of unreported corporate and individual donations to Texans for a Republican Majority (TRMPAC) were used to affect the outcome of Texas House elections in 2002...This activity is an apparent violation of House ethics rules, as it seems DeLay used his position and influence in Congress to solicit campaign donations for his PAC


Democracy and Capitalism – Not a Pretty Couple

If the United States were merely attempting to breathe life into democracy in Iraq, our military would have been replaced by international peacekeeping forces long ago. Instead, it appears that plans have always included the construction of a dozen or more permanent U.S. military bases within the borders of this damaged, oil rich country.


Labor Takes on Wall-Street over Social Security Privatization

'...rally participants wore masks of CEO Charles Schwab and held signs saying “Double Talk Chuck,” mocking the company’s current ad campaign to “Talk to Chuck.” Clients and investors called on the company to withdraw from corporate coalitions and groups that are actively promoting plans by President Bush and California Governor Schwarzenegger to slash guaranteed retirement benefits for millions of workers.


Filibuster Compromise: Activist Judges to Get a Vote

Right-wing religious groups that helped mobilize voters to continue the Republican Party’s ruling status in the last election are outraged over the Senate filibuster compromise related to Bush’s judicial nominations late last night.

Top Ten Reasons Why 'W' IS WRONG FOR WOMEN

Last year we learned the Bush Administration erased fact sheets about equal pay for women workers from federal government web sites. But George W. Bush can't erase his record.


Medicaid on the Block

Nationally and locally, right-wing Republicans are out to destroy Medicaid. They believe that the public health and medical service program is inefficient and unprofitable.


From Outrage to Action: Defending Civil Rights Today

The movement of African Americans for full social, economic and political equality has always been decisive to the struggle for democracy and the advance towards socialism.


The Church at the Crossroads

Religion’s role in the political arena has sharpened because the ruling class has harnessed a sector of the Christian religious community to serve its interests.

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