Assata Shakur is No Terrorist

Official Response to Announcement of $1 million Bounty and the Listing of ASSATA SHAKUR on Domestic Terrorist Watch List.


Religious Leaders Condemn $82 Billion to Prolong War

Last week, in a sad and outrageous sign of this country's appalling priorities, President Bush signed into law the $82 billion supplemental war appropriations bill, providing ongoing funding for the U.S. military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.


Music Review: System of a Down

System of a Down totally demolishes the facade of credibility built by right-wing dominance, bullying of the media and repetition of “talking points” fabricated by Bush’s handlers.

Crony Capitalism

Bush & Co. decided to award KBR(Kellogg, Brown and Root) over $72 million in bonuses despite the fact that senior Halliburton/KBR officials perjured themselves before the House Committee on Government Reform back in July of 2004.


It’s the “Social” in Social Security That I’ve Been Working For

In 1981, in Chile, a group of economic advisors promoted a social security privatization program much like the one being pushed by the Bush administration...After 23 years, the program has resulted in...millions of Chilean people with little or nothing to show for their decades of hard work and “contributions”.


South African CP: A new growth path to address the jobs crisis and foster sustainable livelihoods

'The ANC election campaign manifesto of 2004, supported by its allies, the SACP, COSATU and SANCO, agreed on a ‘People’s Contract to Create Work and Fight Poverty’...Our immediate task is to translate these Manifesto commitments into reality...'


Book Review: Full Spectrum Dominance, by Rahul Mahajan

Contextualizing the history of US involvement with Iraq and its determined efforts to establish military control in the region, Mahajan describes a roughly 25-year history of US support for the dictatorship, then its turn against the Hussein regime, the subsequent period of the sanctions and ultimately Bush's war.

Our Rosetta Stone

' is the September 2001 New York and Washington attacks and deaths – and the subsequent reaction of the American government – that suddenly and radically challenges, twists, and changes the meaning of words like freedom, justice, fairness, equality, democracy, truth, torture, liberation, and God...Today, we are witness to a fight over who owns our words and what they mean.'

Analysis of British Election

Labour won 55 per cent of the seats with just 36 per cent of the vote at the polls. But with only 61 per cent of eligible Britons voting, it means the Tony Blair has won government with the support of only 22 per cent of the population

Protect Children From Military Recruiters

Buried deep within the No Child Left Behind Act is a provision that requires public high schools to hand over the private contact information of students in public high schools to military recruiters. If a school does not comply, it risks losing vital federal education funds.

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