“Against terrorism, for truth and justice”

Nearly thirty years later, the (U.S.)government which, in the name of its “war on terrorism”, is responsible for a veritable genocide in Iraq, questions the legitimacy of a request to extradite an international criminal, submitted by Venezuelan authorities and backed by that country’s parliament and supreme court.


Film Review: Arlington West

This brief film is a heart-felt tribute to the sacrifice, loss, grief, and the victims of a foreign policy based not on a love for humanity or democracy but on greed, the struggle for power and global domination, for capitalism and natural resources.


Religious Leaders Condemn $82 Billion to Prolong War

Last week, in a sad and outrageous sign of this country's appalling priorities, President Bush signed into law the $82 billion supplemental war appropriations bill, providing ongoing funding for the U.S. military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Crony Capitalism

Bush & Co. decided to award KBR(Kellogg, Brown and Root) over $72 million in bonuses despite the fact that senior Halliburton/KBR officials perjured themselves before the House Committee on Government Reform back in July of 2004.


Newsweek Fiasco: Shooting the Messenger

On May 16, 2005, rather than lose its press pass, Newsweek fell on its sword and retracted its story about U.S. investigators confirming the desecration of the Koran by U.S. interrogators at Guantanamo.

Statement on Political Impasse (Iraqi CP)

Central Committee, Iraqi Communist Party..statement dealing with recent political developments in the country.

Why Iraq Withdrawal Makes Sense

President Bush just told reporters that he has no intention of setting any timetable for withdrawal. 'Our troops will come home when Iraq is capable of defending herself,' he said.


Secret UK Memo Reveals Bush Team Knew Intel on Iraq was Cooked

The following is a secret memo written in July 2002 and leaked recently to the British press.


Iraq: Depleted Uranium Causing Increase in Birth Defects

Doctors in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, have reported a significant increase in deformities among newborn babies.


US Military Command: Genius, sheer genius

The lunatics are on the path to nuclear devastation. The lunatics are on the path to Armageddon. The lunatics are in control of the U.S. Department of Defense so.

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