Janice Rogers Brown’s Nomination to the DC Circuit—A Clear Threat to the Rights of Working Families

If confirmed, Brown will hear and decide cases involving working families’ fundamental rights and protections, such as the freedom to form unions and the right to safe workplaces.


Labor Takes on Wall-Street over Social Security Privatization

'...rally participants wore masks of CEO Charles Schwab and held signs saying “Double Talk Chuck,” mocking the company’s current ad campaign to “Talk to Chuck.” Clients and investors called on the company to withdraw from corporate coalitions and groups that are actively promoting plans by President Bush and California Governor Schwarzenegger to slash guaranteed retirement benefits for millions of workers.

Top Ten Reasons Why 'W' IS WRONG FOR WOMEN

Last year we learned the Bush Administration erased fact sheets about equal pay for women workers from federal government web sites. But George W. Bush can't erase his record.


Medicaid on the Block

Nationally and locally, right-wing Republicans are out to destroy Medicaid. They believe that the public health and medical service program is inefficient and unprofitable.


From Outrage to Action: Defending Civil Rights Today

The movement of African Americans for full social, economic and political equality has always been decisive to the struggle for democracy and the advance towards socialism.


The Church at the Crossroads

Religion’s role in the political arena has sharpened because the ruling class has harnessed a sector of the Christian religious community to serve its interests.


The U.S. Is Leading the Race to the Bottom

Under the Bush administration, the United States is leading the race to the bottom in wages, benefits, working conditions and social protections...The average annual employer contribution for Social Security in the United States is $2,196, compared with $8,274 in Germany, $2,972 in the U.K....

ILO releases major new study on forced labour

Says more than 12 million are trapped in forced labour worldwide. 'Forced labour represents the underside of globalization and denies people their basic rights and dignity.' ILO Director-General Juan Somavia called forced labor 'a social evil which has no place in the modern world'.

CEO Compensation Index by Company: Compare with workers earnings

Compare CEO compensation; Calculate your earnings in relation to the fat paychecks of the big boys.


The only way the workers at Wal-Mart will get a better deal is as the result of a union contract. Appeals to the company to live up to its “obligations” will fall on deaf ears...

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