REMEMBERING PAUL RICOEUR: 1913-2005 (French Philosopher)

Many of Ricoeur’s ideas are interesting even when they clash with the Marxist philosophical outlook. We can always learn from those who don’t share our philosophical commitments...When Ricoeur proclaims that truth is historical you begin to think he must be on to something. But wait!...


Janice Rogers Brown’s Nomination to the DC Circuit—A Clear Threat to the Rights of Working Families

If confirmed, Brown will hear and decide cases involving working families’ fundamental rights and protections, such as the freedom to form unions and the right to safe workplaces.


SOUTH AFRICA: Remedying the medical brain drain

Migrating health professionals are not unique to South Africa: in the last five years medical personnel have increasingly left the Southern African region as a whole to seek greener pastures in the more affluent West.


“Against terrorism, for truth and justice”

Nearly thirty years later, the (U.S.)government which, in the name of its “war on terrorism”, is responsible for a veritable genocide in Iraq, questions the legitimacy of a request to extradite an international criminal, submitted by Venezuelan authorities and backed by that country’s parliament and supreme court.


Discussions of the Cold War

The following is an excerpt of discussions that I was involved in among scholars of the New Deal era.
I will present them in a modified form to make what I believe are the most relevant points.(Norman Markowitz is a PA contributing editor)


'Killing Their Own Poster Boy': Why Pat Tillman’s Parents Are No Longer Silent

When former Arizona Cardinals football player turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman died in Afghanistan, sonorous bugles moaned from coast to coast.


Bush Administration Rejects Request for Extradition of Terror Suspect

The State Department’s summary and insulting rejection of the extradition request issued by the government of Venezuela for Cuban exile Luis Posada Carriles was as shocking as it was predictable.


Groups Demand Inquiry into Bush’s Impeachable Offenses

The organizations forming the coalition include: Global Exchange, Gold Star Families for Peace,, Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, Progressive Democrats of America, and Democracy Rising.


Historical perspective: The Truth about the United States

On May 19, 1895, José Martí was killed in his first battle for Cuban independence, struggling for the republic of which he had dreamed, one where 'the first law (...) should be reverence on the part of Cubans for man’s full dignity.' His anti-imperialist ideas remain an important instrument for understanding the problems currently threatening humanity.


Bush receives well-known accomplice of Posada at the White House

Zúñiga is now executive director of the Cuban Liberty Council, an organization that brings together the most fanatical elements of the Miami mafia – several of them with pasts as CIA 'collaborators' – who supported, financed and supplied Posada’s criminal operations for decades.

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