Bush Administration Rejects Request for Extradition of Terror Suspect

The State Department’s summary and insulting rejection of the extradition request issued by the government of Venezuela for Cuban exile Luis Posada Carriles was as shocking as it was predictable.


Historical perspective: The Truth about the United States

On May 19, 1895, José Martí was killed in his first battle for Cuban independence, struggling for the republic of which he had dreamed, one where 'the first law (...) should be reverence on the part of Cubans for man’s full dignity.' His anti-imperialist ideas remain an important instrument for understanding the problems currently threatening humanity.


Bush receives well-known accomplice of Posada at the White House

Zúñiga is now executive director of the Cuban Liberty Council, an organization that brings together the most fanatical elements of the Miami mafia – several of them with pasts as CIA 'collaborators' – who supported, financed and supplied Posada’s criminal operations for decades.


Bush Administration Attempts to Influence Global HIV/AIDS Policy

This week, the administration forced The Global Fund to accept Randall Tobias, U.S. Ambassador for AIDS Coordination, as the chairman of the Policy and Strategy Committee. This will give the Bush administration undue influence on international HIV/AIDS policy, and will likely be a death sentence for many living with the disease.


Amnesty International Calls for International Investigation of US Torture

A report released by Amnesty International this week characterized the Bush administration’s 'war on terror' as making 'a mockery of President George Bush’s claims that the USA was the global champion of human rights.'


New Latin American TV Network:TELESUR, a Channel with a New Vision

TELESUR seeks to offer services similar to those of CNN, TVE or BBC, but includes documentaries and films.Unlike other television networks, it will show audiovisual productions by the Latin American social movement and independent producers.(Inspired from) a proposal by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez


New U.S. doctrine proposes nuclear strikes

The new doctrine proposes eight specific cases in which regional commanders in the Pacific and other theaters may request presidential approval to carry out a nuclear strike.


Venezuela: Building the socialism of the twenty-first century

Chávez in his(May Day) speech said that the working class must take its place in the leadership of the revolution. Capitalism, he said, is incompatible with the full development of democracy envisaged in the constitution; we must build “the socialism of the twenty-first century.”


Massacre in Colombian Peace Community

The Colombian conflict is rooted in social inequalities. Between 60 and 68 percent of the population are currently living at or below the poverty line.... The SOA-style repression that is killing thousands every year is supposed to maintain the status quo—to keep the rich powerful and the poor silent.


Red, White, and Without a Clue

Thanks to a recent confluence of events involving our interaction with the Muslim world, it is clear that “they” do hate us for what we stand for. Unfortunately, what we stand for is not freedom, democracy, nor any other high-minded ideal. Rather, we stand for arrogance, barbarism, and violence.

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