The Republican Agenda (or Are White Conservatives Out of Sync with the Universe?)

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It seems President Obama shares something in common with the late President Ronald Reagan. He makes a lot of whites feel comfortable with their prejudices – albeit unintentionally. We are more than ever living in the world of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing's "Isis Papers." If you want a better understanding of the development of white fear, hate and the Tea Party, I urge you to purchase that book ASAP.
Truth be told, this past midterm election was for the taking, so why didn't we take it. Let's start with the estimated 49 million left on base. Democrats – particularly Blacks – make up a huge chunk of that number. Of the 90 million who voted, 10 percent were Black, so roughly 9 million blacks voted this midterm which is only 34 percent of the 26.5 eligible black voters. Much of the remaining 66 percent of Blacks who didn't vote the midterm were on hand to vote in 2008 (16 million African Americans voted in 2008 with 96 percent voting for Obama), so it can only be assumed they felt put-out at the suggestion of urgency regarding the importance of this day. Between Super Tuesday in July '08 and the Presidential Election in October for example, there is plenty of time in between for blacks not to be confused about whether or not the primary was the actual general election. The word midterm however may have scared off as many Black voters as it did when they heard the word in high school. Or perhaps we were once again just done-in by apathy and/or fear.

I mention Welsing because her book is possibly the first intense study of White America other than that of Neely Fuller, on whom much of her work is based. This and my own study of whites in America gives me the impression that too many of them have a personal energy that is moving in the opposite direction of the universe. Watching the white right in the era of Obama is proving to be more revealing to me than they were during eight years of George W. Bush. As for the conservatives and Tea Party that have some kind of an appeal to Blacks, but these are mostly the Blacks who like to be contrary under the banner of critical thinking. White fear regarding Obama isn't necessarily against the President per se. I strongly feel the fear really is that Black U.S. Presidents will become a normal thing in America, especially Black Democratic Presidents. That is part of what Dr. Welsing sites as a fear of "White genetic annihilation."

Understand this doesn't put the so-called black conservatives in the clear either. As much as they hate Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder, they will never come to love GOP Party Chairman Michael Steele, the domestically-troubled Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, former Bush Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice or the enigmatic and disturbing Juan Williams. Stoked by disgusting and desolate projects like talk radio's Glenn Beck Al Jolsonizing the MLK "I Have a Dream" speech anniversary, to the numerous extreme behaviors of whites middle-class to underclass; the common thread among white right voting this election was Tea Party voters voted for someone just like them, normal voters voted for someone better than them.

Through strokes of common sense the guy who thinks blacks on welfare should be put in detention centers and the wicca woman were out-voted, yet we still have to contend with the guy who wants the handicapped to just stay on the first floor and the black conservative retired Army Col. from Florida with the ties to a motor-cycle gang with alleged connections to prostitutes and drug dealers now have statewide legislative powers. Understand that if McCain won in '08 we would never have known these luminaries at all, but we'd be in far worse shape financially. Am I worried? No. Aside from the expectation of a plethora of really dumb public opinions, don't expect these new lawmakers to have the great impact that they promised their brain-dead voters.
These people are nothing more than rookies. They may have won the House, but they need votes in the Senate, and convincing veteran Senators to role back some of Obama's healthcare reform and other laws will be the stuff of pure fantasy. Especially in light of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warning back in August, that for the Republicans to reduce the healthcare law would only increase the deficit by $455 billion. Not that these Tea Party candidates care in the first place (they didn't even give themselves time to legalize their party name on the ballot, can we take for granted they studied the 1,990-page bill?). Letting the bill take it's course would reduce the budget deficit by $30 billion in 2020. According to the CBO: "If they were to repeal the law, republicans would have to replace it with something that makes up for the deficit increases (assuming of course that they still care about the deficits) and help slow the growth rate in the medicare program." Hey, piece of cake for the republicans, conservatives and Tea Party right? Like I said, fantasy and foolishness.

Of course in a world not even remotely perfect this isn't even about race. I'm going to go out on a limb (again) and say that most whites are taught they are superior without their parents officially announcing it. Therefore a lot of latent latent racial feelings arose from white Americans over the last two years, seemingly almost uncontrollably. This gives rise to the question of whether they really know what they're doing?

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  • For a group who opposes racism, you Commies sure write about race a lot. 96% of Blacks voted for Obama...Why? His skin color?

    Go back to Europe!

    Posted by Gary, 11/12/2010 10:50am (12 years ago)

  • don't forget about mob psychology. social science and philosophy have demonstrated that "the people" do act in fairly predictable ways, because we all suffer from universal subconscious motives.

    the tea party is a populist movement. populism doesn't have to be reactionary, but in this case it definitely is. the tea party is comprised of a monolithic demographic.

    this particular political situation is very interesting from a psychology-of-the-mob point of view. and the tea party might as well carry pitchforks and torches. nobody doubts the legitimacy of their gripes, but everybody wonders why they chose now to voice them? rather than when these same if not worse things were happening under a president they elected. why wait to unleash their furry on a president who is only going along with the policies instituted before him?

    race is only an agitator. it's not the real issue. the real issue is guilt. the tea party are a bunch of finger pointers. not a one of them is willing to take "personal responsibility" for anything. everything is the evil doings of the obama-liberal-islam bogeyman. none of them are willing to take responsibility for electing bush instead of mccain back in the primaries leading up to the 2000 election. consider how differently things would have turned out if mccain had been president instead of bush. it's easy to blame bush for being bush, but who elected him twice?

    sarah palin represents the tea party's sense of virtue and righteousness. they are totally incapable of admitting their culpability in allowing bush to do what he did to this country and foreign nations. sarah palin was paired with mccain in an attempt to give the "tea party" (and now i use that term to mean people who voted for bush) an opportunity to absolve themselves of their sins. but it was too late. they should have elected mccain the first time.

    and obama is their sacrificial goat. the tea party are dumping all their sins and all their guilt onto obama, which is demonstrated every time they blame him for things bush actually did. it's as if they've been brainwashed to believe a mirror image of the truth. they must destroy obama, sacrifice him, in order to relieve themselves of their collective guilt.

    and now sarah palin, who represents their sense of self-righteousness, must be put up in a match, a battle, a war against the sacrificial goat devil obama. she's like their virgin mary, their "woman of revelation" or eve, and she must "crush the head" of the enemy. but the problem is, she won't win. only about 30% of the population actually fell into this particular psychological trap. and the rest will never elect her.

    and the greatest fear of all, of course, is that when sarah palin loses the symbolic war, obama will have to be sacrificed for real. the mob just might demand it.

    mob psychology is used on a daily basis by the likes of rush limbaugh and all the other demagogues. ignore it at your peril. that doesn't mean it doesn't exist! and it doesn't mean that we're not all victims of it.

    Posted by anon, 11/10/2010 11:07am (12 years ago)

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