Beyond Oral Sex: The Bush Investigations

The last time Congress was controlled by the party in opposition to the White House, we all learned more than we cared to know about the uses of cigars. This time the need for investigations is much more serious. Congress could probably spend three decades profitably examining the last six years of the Bush administration.


Beijing Shatters Washington’s Space Supremacy

Washington announced China’s anti-satellite weapon test, which Beijing had neither confirmed nor denied at that time, on 19 January, causing the spectre of 'star wars' to resurface. The announcement revived fears of a new arms race that Washington took to a new level last summer.


El socialismo es un asunto de conciencia y desarrollo intelectual

El presidente del Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV), Jerónimo Carrera, indicó que el socialismo es un asunto de conciencia, y necesita que la población venezolana se desarrolle intelectual y éticamente para lograr un desarrollo oportuno y justo.


Japan: Government's economic policy will increase poverty and social disparity

The Abe Cabinet on January 25 approved an economic and financial basic policy for the next five years entitled 'Course and Strategy for the Japanese Economy,' the backbone of which is to put the Japanese economy on a new growth course.


The Bills That Can End the War

Senator Feingold held a hearing on the topic yesterday and plans to introduce a bill today to end the war by denying the President the money to continue it. 

Homeless Women May Be Evicted en Masse, in Height of Winter

Over one hundred homeless single women and women with children are facing uncertain futures on this freezing cold night, as the Gateway Overflow shelter for women prepares to abruptly close, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.


Hugo Chavez, the Press and 'Rule By Decree' in Venezuela

Did you hear that President Chavez is going to Rule by Decree for the next 18 months? The very idea evokes a picture of a not-too-distant South American past, one in which all-powerful executives live out their capricious whims and mete out brutal retribution against political enemies.


President Fidel Castro Awarded Amilcar Cabral Medal

“It can be said that with few leaders have I developed such a deep friendship as the one there was between Amilcar and I,” said Cuban President Fidel Castro once, referring to African national hero Amilcar Cabral, “a thinker of great intellectual capacity, a creator and an especially humane person.”


Continental Drift? Latin America Moves Left

Political leaders from the left side of the political spectrum have charge now in many Latin American countries. To what extent do their policies and priorities portend sustainable, far-reaching changes?


Lt. Watada prosecutors surrender on journalist subpoenas

Army prosecutors of Lieutenant Ehren Watada, the first military officer to publicly refuse to deploy to Iraq, surrendered today on two charges of “conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.”

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