High Crimes and Misdemeanors

What strange liberators we must look like to the Iraqi people and the world.  While families in this country grieve over the loss of close to 3100 troops and the more than 48,000 wounded soldiers in V.A. hospitals across the country, the Iraqi people have paid a higher price in the total number of lives lost and broken in conflict with the United States.


Shameless in Gaza 

The most recent fighting in the Gaza Strip, which has left many people dead, confirms that the internal strife plaguing the Occupied Territories since the advent of Hamas to power in January 2006 was not entirely the outcome of outside meddling in Palestinian affairs.


A Beneficial Uruguayan Paper Mill: Pulp Fiction?

Through their use of roadblocks and varied inflammatory statements to the press, Argentine activists and Uruguayan public officials have sought international attention to their respective sides in the nearly 2-year-old conflict over the construction of a paper mill on the Uruguayan side of the river.


Lobbying for Impeachment

It's an honor to be part of this obviously growing movement for peace and justice.  Our president took us into war before Congress gave its so-called authorization.  He did so without telling Congress or the American people and without Congress appropriating any funds for the purpose.

Australia: Multiculturalism here to stay

Those who commented on the Australia Day celebrations and how pleased they were to see so many different and diverse people in the crowds – friendly faces that want to live in peace with their neighbours irrespective of race or religion.

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