Support for Stimulus Bill Heats Up

Capitol Hill telephone lines have lit up. Tens of thousands of voters across the country have been calling their US Senators demanding passage of President Obama's economic recovery package without any more delays.

Hundreds Continue Ireland Factory Occupation

HUNDREDS of workers spent a fourth day occupying the Waterford Crystal factory in Kilbarry on Monday in protest against plans to axe 480 jobs. Heavily indebted luxury tableware manufacturer Waterford Wedgwood called in receivers Deloitte last month after failing to buy more time from creditors.

GOP: Wall Street Yes, Main Street No

Some congressional Republicans who voted for a massive $700 Wall Street bailout, billions each for just a handful of banks and investment firms, are now trying to block a bailout for Main Street. For example, Republican Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) urged his House Republican friends to vote yes for the Wall Street bailout last October.

Economy: Help May Be on the Way

I've got good news and bad news, President Obama told the American people in his weekly address over the weekend. Government data released last week revealed that the economy shrank by nearly four percent in the closing months of 2008 and people seeking unemployment benefits grew to record numbers.

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