Congress Begins Moving: Our Work Is Far From Over

While both houses of Congress still lag dramatically behind the people of this country and Iraq in opposing the war, we've recently seen a sharp rise in Congressional willingness to talk about peace.

Re-Interpreting Iraq: Propaganda Campaign Underway

To their credit, top US Pentagon officials cautioned journalists and the public, since the Iraq war’s early days, that the dissemination of misinformation would be a vital weapon in their war strategy. Needless to say, they have certainly held true to their word.

White House Deliberately Ignored CIA Warnings on Intelligence Fabrications

New revelations this past weekend show that CIA analysts repeatedly warned against using much of the faulty 'evidence' with which the administration made its case for war.

Wounded Soldiers 'Recycled' in Bush's War

In early June, the Pentagon reported approximately 19,000 casualties as a result of the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Steve Robinson, government relations director for the non-partisan Veterans for America, thinks the real number is much higher.

Al-Zarqawi Death: Myth vs. Reality

Al-Zarqawi, or his myth has apparently outlived his usefulness. The Iraq conflict seems to be going in a new direction, though its success or failure is unknown.

House Leadership Thwarts Serious Debate on Iraq War

The Republican resolution falsely equates the quagmire in Iraq with the greater 'war on terrorism.' It fails to say that the U.S. invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq are the primary reasons the country has become a breeding ground for terrorism.

Organized Inhumanity: Haditha & the U.S. Military Machine

Such behavior by the U.S. military involves dehumanizing the enemy and anyone who resembles them and eliminating them as easy as one would a cockroach...[and] race plays a crucial role in discrediting the opponent’s claims to humanity.

No Permanent Bases: Passed Both Houses, Removed in Conference Committee

When the House and the Senate pass similar but not identical bills, they create a conference committee to work out the differences.

Assessment of the Internal Situation in Iraq

The ICP sees its continuing role as combating the damage caused by sectarianism and terrorism, consolidating national unity and democratic forces, strengthening the integrity of the Iraqi national security forces and preparing the way for the end of the occupation.

Let's Stay in Iraq Until it's Peaceful or We're Sane, Whichever Comes First

Have you ever heard someone try to argue that the Iraq War was a mistake but that now the proper course is to continue the mistake a bit longer or to carefully end it in a long and complicated way that could take months or years?

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