Japan Peace Committee holds national congress

The Japan Peace Committee is a citizens' peace organization. The committee is active throughout Japan in order to prevent nuclear war, abolish nuclear weapons, support atomic bomb survivors, abrogate the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, remove U.S. military bases from Japan...

Cuba: Labor Protection for People Living with Aids

No Cuban administration is allowed to cancel a work contract because a worker is HIV positive or if he already has AIDS, because despite its terminal effect, AIDS is an illness like any other...

Pride At Work: Building Pride for All Union Members

At Gay Pride rallies across the country, hundreds of P.A.W. members have joined in solidarity with workers in a variety of campaigns, such as the justice at Wal-Mart and Delphi Corp

The FBI's Sears Tower Plot

In a case purporting to show how much the Bush administration has been fighting terrorism, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced the arrest and indictment of seven African American men in Miami.

Marcy Winograd Vows to Keep Fighting

Marcy Winograd may have lost her primary race against Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), but she vows to keep fighting. She was a bit disappointed after the election, but has already sprung back into action on the issue of questionable electronic voting in the San Diego Busby versus Bilbray race.

Missing the Point and the Target

The recent Israeli artillery strikes on the Gaza Strip have outraged Palestinians, raised eyebrows in the international community, prompted condemnation from human rights organizations, and put the Israeli government on the defensive.

Zimbabwe: When the going gets tough, the tough turn entrepreneurs

...an average Zimbabwean family requires the equivalent of US$524 a month to just cover the basics. The average worker earns about US$200.

Swaziland: Children in for a better deal

Save the Children's Nomzamo Dlamini challenged the basic tenet that corporal punishment is a Swazi custom. She explained that corporal punishment was 'introduced for the first time at the missionary schools.

The Wall Street Journal Calls Hugo Chavez A Threat to World Peace

You won't find commentary and language any more hostile to Hugo Chavez than on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal...The sad part of it is Journal readers believe this stuff...

Wounded Soldiers 'Recycled' in Bush's War

In early June, the Pentagon reported approximately 19,000 casualties as a result of the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Steve Robinson, government relations director for the non-partisan Veterans for America, thinks the real number is much higher.

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