The State Department Human Trafficking Report: Raw Ideology Rather Than Bona Fide Research

In evaluating the standards used to assess the performance of ideological foes in such areas as human rights observance, narcotics, terrorism, respect for religious freedom, and human trafficking, the State Department’s certifications are little better than fabrications to meet the political requirements of Secretary of State Rice.

Mexican President Fox Chooses U.S. Over Latin America

Whatever its previous corrupt and repressive domestic profile, Mexico, prior to Fox and his ruling PAN party’s arrival to office, had long maintained a proud and independent foreign policy during decades of uninterrupted rule by the authoritarian PRI.

Coca-Cola: Classic Union Buster

The 'Coke side of life' is not paradise for thousands of Coke workers or the many communities forced to give up land and water resources to the multinational giant.

U.S. Congress Continues Funding Intervention in Latin America

In early June U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick had the nerve to speak publicly against 'interventionism' in Latin America at a meeting of the Organization of American States in the Dominican Republic.

The Search for Justice for Haiti’s Yvon Neptune and His Fellow Inmates

René Préval has an enormous task ahead of him, as he picks up the reins of a battered and demoralized nation – one that is in the ER, almost terminal. Reforming the Haitian judicial system, however, is perhaps the most critical of his multiple burdens due to its near ruinous condition.

How the United States Continues to Manipulate Nicaragua's Economic and Polical Future

Last April, the Nicaragua Network, a Washington-based solidarity group, “condemned” the intervention of U.S. Ambassador Paul Trivelli in Nicaragua’s election process.

Brazil: Conflicting Scenarios

The unusual circumstances in which the Brazilian electoral campaign is being launched are neither amenable to the mouthing of the usual platitudes, nor to the sowing of illusions. 

Cuba: US Hatched Diplomatic Crisis

The New Herald and the US government spokespersons are 'telling a bare-faced lie when they accuse our government of an alleged cut off of electricity and the reduction of drinking water supply to the USIS,' notes the official Cuban daily.

Puerto Rico at the United Nations

At the United Nations yesterday morning (June 12), one thing was immediately clear: as the member nations of the Decolonization Committee noted, there is tremendous and lasting interest in the case of Puerto Rico and its political status.

To the US Interests Section in Cuba: There is no need to burn papers

Maliciously, the U.S. government neglects to mention that every time the USIS has reported having difficulties with its supply of potable water or electric power for its facilities, these have been duly attended to by the Cuban enterprises charged with providing those services.

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