NO in November to Protect Civil Rights in Michigan

This ballot initiative exposes all Michigan residents to the dangers of a society divided by racial hostility or sexual discrimination.

Why Michigan Voters Can’t Trust Dick DeVos

Michigan voters can’t trust Dick DeVos. He says one thing – about jobs, Michigan schools, and ethics – but his record says another.

The Toronto arrests: strong reasons for scepticism

In the wake of the arrests of seventeen alleged terrorists in the Toronto area, Prime Minister Harper and other leading right-wing politicians have joined with much of the corporate media in painting the suspects as guilty before being tried.

Subverting the Constitution by Supporting the Flag

The flag represents all that is noble about America. It symbolizes our rights and freedoms, and it should be treated with respect. But it’s merely a symbol.

Atlanta: Shelter Plans Community Hub

Homeless advocates are planning a fabulous redesign of the Peachtree and Pine Homeless Shelter into a major community hub, where the homeless will eventually run a coffee shop, restaurant, market, art studio, and rooftop garden, to enhance downtown culture and provide themselves a way out of poverty.

U.S. Congress Continues Funding Intervention in Latin America

In early June U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick had the nerve to speak publicly against 'interventionism' in Latin America at a meeting of the Organization of American States in the Dominican Republic.

Finding Medicines for the Poor: A Step Forward

ANALYSTS have, for long, referred to the '10/90 gap', according to which only 10 per cent of investment in R&D of new drugs is aimed at the so-called 'orphan diseases,' which afflict 90 per cent of the world population who live in the developing South.

Al-Zarqawi Death: Myth vs. Reality

Al-Zarqawi, or his myth has apparently outlived his usefulness. The Iraq conflict seems to be going in a new direction, though its success or failure is unknown.

The Decreasing Effectiveness of Anti-biotics

Antibiotics have played a profoundly important role in staving off bacterial infections since Alexander Fleming first discovered them in 1927.

Venezuela: Holding the Line against Drug Trafficking

U.S. specialists are currently awaiting the White House’s next drug certification report, which is normally released in September, to see whether the Bush Administration will continue to use the document as a political tool rather than a piece of objective research.

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