Ten Killed and 59 Injured in Different Israeli Aggressions Last Week: Report

The report further explained that Israeli forces opened fire at Palestinian citizens and their properties 75 times, in which ten were killed.

Interview with Salam Ali: Member of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party

'The ongoing political battle to decide the character of the emerging Iraqi state is closely interconnected with the national task of eliminating the legacy of occupation and ending foreign military presence in our homeland.'

NEPAL: Interview with World Food Programme representative, Richard Ragan

'The biggest challenge is the next phase of [the] peace process and what that means for Nepalese living in the countryside...We will continue to work no matter what.'

Adjusting Chinese Currency is No Fix

It is supposed to be common knowledge that if China floated its currency (the yuan) against the US dollar and increased its relative value, then the US could reduce its current account deficit, which is created by having to borrow from China due to its trade imbalance with that country.

Eleven Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military

I just read an excellent book from http://www.endthewartour.org  called '10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military.'  Personally I was never attracted to the military because I could never stand having anyone tell me what to do.

Polluted Babies

“Body Burden,” a 2005 study by the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG), found that American babies are born with hundreds of chemical contaminants in their bloodstreams. The findings are based on tests of samples of umbilical-cord blood.

Japan: Protests Against US Military Bases Gains Momentum

Most assembly members of a local town in Fukuoka Prefecture marched in demonstration against allowing U.S. forces to use the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force Tsuiki Base in the town for training. They were warmly welcomed by the townspeople.

AFRICA: Lewis irked by AIDS funding shortfall and other Africa news...

Lewis estimated that some US$5 billion would be needed this year, with an additional $8 billion in 2007 to meet the Millennium Development Goal of universal access to treatment by 2010.

MALAWI: More than half the people still living in poverty

More than half the country's population continues to live on around 32 US cents a day and just over a fifth of Malawians live on 20 US cents a day...With 60 percent of its 12.3 million population aged under 20, according to a 2005 estimate, 'more than half of the poor in Malawi are children'.

US Law Disrespected in Cuban Five Case

The Cuban Five were arrested on September 12, 1998 and in a biased trial in Miami were sentenced to unjust prison terms under false accusations.

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