Survey Says: Republicans Out of Touch with Americans, Swing Voters

On the heels of a disingenuous Republican effort to block a Democratic plan calling for withdrawal from Iraq, a USA Today poll released yesterday showed that a majority of Americans support the Democratic proposal or one like it.

Australia: Closing down democracy

More steps were taken last week in the Howard Government’s erosion of the democratic processes of Parliament and attempts to force acceptance of its conservative and extreme right-wing policies.

How North Carolina Dems Passed Impeachment Resolution

Whereas Section 603 of section LIII of Jefferson’s Rules of the US House rules for the 109th Congress permits the inception of impeachment proceedings by charges transmitted from the legislature of a state...

Berkeley Considers First Ballot Initiative to Call for Presidential Impeachment

The Berkeley City Council will vote on whether to include an initiative advocating the impeachment of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney on the Berkeley municipal ballot in November.

Extremist Republican Party Policies will Cost Them in November

As the November congressional elections approach, extremist positions adopted by the Republican Party are hurting that party’s chances of keeping control of both Houses.

The FBI's Sears Tower Plot

In a case purporting to show how much the Bush administration has been fighting terrorism, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced the arrest and indictment of seven African American men in Miami.

Marcy Winograd Vows to Keep Fighting

Marcy Winograd may have lost her primary race against Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), but she vows to keep fighting. She was a bit disappointed after the election, but has already sprung back into action on the issue of questionable electronic voting in the San Diego Busby versus Bilbray race.

4,435 Dead in Vain

Every member of Congress working to create permanent bases in Iraq for unwanted and illegal foreign troops should have two dozen reenactors of the American Revolution occupy their office and live off their campaign funds while endlessly reciting the Declaration of Impeachment

The Real Republican Agenda: A Triple Threat to America's Values

This week, Washington Republicans have made very clear their real agenda for the American people. Washington Republicans are running away from tough decisions and instead are desperately pandering to their base to improve their political standing in November.

E-Voting Lawsuit Planned in Georgia

A newly formed advocacy coalition VoterGA announced plans to sue the State of Georgia for denying the citizens of Georgia an elections system that will ensure that their votes count. The announcement was made at a downtown press conference at a hotel.

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