Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Katrina

Perhaps the longest-lasting impact of Hurricane Katrina was its environmental damage that, in real terms, has mainly to do with public health.

Why Michigan Voters Can’t Trust Dick DeVos

Michigan voters can’t trust Dick DeVos. He says one thing – about jobs, Michigan schools, and ethics – but his record says another.

Subverting the Constitution by Supporting the Flag

The flag represents all that is noble about America. It symbolizes our rights and freedoms, and it should be treated with respect. But it’s merely a symbol.

Why Michigan Voters Can’t Trust Dick DeVos

DeVos has spent millions on slick TV ads describing himself has a 'job-maker.' He claims he will bring jobs to the state, but he doesn’t say how. And his record shows something altogether different.

Civil Liberties Forum Demands End to Warrantless NSA Spying

Bamford noted that the government has requested warrants from FISA courts more than 19,000 times and has been refused only five times in their 30-year history. The White House didn’t like these odds apparently.

A Little White Lie: Bush and the Niger Forgeries

Between their surfacing in January 2001 and the fateful January 2003 State of the Union Address in which President Bush used specific information from the forgeries to make his case for war to the American people, the Niger documents had been discredited on 14 separate occasions.

Top Ten Reasons to Stop Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos, billionaire co-owner of Amway, will likely win the Republican Party primary for the governor’s race in Michigan. He sure has paid enough for it.

Whose Table Is It, Nancy?

Nominal leader of the Democrats in Congress Nancy Pelosi, following talking points produced by the Republican National Committee, recently told her fellow Dems to keep impeachment off the table.

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