Vote Out Failed Policies, Say Australians

The Howard Government was re-elected in 2004 largely on the basis of Liberal Party promises of record low interest rates as against high interest rates and bad economic management from a Labor Government.


Japan: Call to Investigate Corruption Over War Supplies

Moriya Takemasa, who was the vice defense minister until the end of August, maintained a cozy relation on golf courses and at restaurants with a former executive of “Yamada Corporation.'


The Myth of Free Nuclear Energy

The Congress and its spokespersons have been on overdrive selling a number of myths about the benefits of the India-US Nuclear Deal.


Australian Tax Cuts Funded by Theft

The [ultra-right] Liberal Party launched its official vote-buying election campaign with the promise of another $34 billion in income tax cuts over the next three years.


Japan: Opposition Parties Demand Halt to Refueling Operations to Aid Iraq War

In order to justify the Maritime Self-Defense Force refueling operation in the Indian Ocean, both the government and a Liberal Democratic Party Diet member in a House of Representatives Budget Committee meeting on October 9 stressed that the MSDF operation is different from the U.S. use of force in Afghanistan and that the operation is necessary for Japan to secure its oil supply.


Western Corporations Profit in Burma

Amid the wave of mass media coverage of brutal repression against democracy activists in Burma, almost nothing has appeared about the role of Canadian and other western corporate interests in that country.


Japan: Protests Mount Against Illegal Refueling of US Warships for the Iraq War

Nationwide actions took place on October 3 in protest against the Fukuda government’s attempt to continue the Maritime Self-Defense Force refueling operations in the Indian Ocean.


Why Burma is Not Iraq

If Iraq has been a lesson of any worth it is that the Burmese are much better off without American bombing raids or British napalm in the name of intervention.


Inter-Korean Summit to Broaden Cooperation, Promote Peace

The agreement reached between the top leaders of South Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) at their summit in Pyongyang will increase cooperation between the two sides.


New Japanese Prime Minister's Office Already Under Scrutiny for Campaign Finance Corruption

The September 30 issue of the Akahata Sunday edition reported that Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo had submitted many altered receipts attached to his office’s funds reports.

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