Tips for Green Driving and Maintenance

Choice of vehicle may well be the biggest factor in determining the environmental impact of your automobile-based travels.


Iraqi Communist Party Mourns the Passing of Dr. Naziha al-Dulaimi, Women's Leader and Patriot

The late comrade was born in Baghdad in 1923, at a time when the modern Iraqi state was still in its early days. At the age of 20, she was one of few female students at the Medical College in Baghdad.


Supporters Rally for Single-payer Health Care

magine that every U.S. resident received a health insurance card that could be presented to any doctor or hospital for a full range of medical benefits.


Japan: Protests Mount Against Illegal Refueling of US Warships for the Iraq War

Nationwide actions took place on October 3 in protest against the Fukuda government’s attempt to continue the Maritime Self-Defense Force refueling operations in the Indian Ocean.


HIV-positive Pastor Shouts from the Pulpit in Zimbabwe

Rev Maxwell Kapachawo is the only known pastor in Zimbabwe who publicly admits to being HIV-positive; he is also encouraging any of his peers infected and affected by the disease to speak openly about HIV/AIDS from the pulpit.


US House Approves National Housing Trust Fund

The US House approved legislation Wednesday, October 11, 2007, with broad bipartisan support that is considered a dramatic victory for the homeless and low-income populations of the United States.


Why Burma is Not Iraq

If Iraq has been a lesson of any worth it is that the Burmese are much better off without American bombing raids or British napalm in the name of intervention.


Rift Valley Fever Diagnosed in Southern Iraq, say local authorities

Local authorities in Nassiriyah, a town about 300km south of Baghdad, have asked livestock farmers to take all necessary precautions after laboratory tests showed that some livestock had developed Rift Valley Fever


Bush's Politics of Terror and Turkey's Genocide of Armenians

A House committee yesterday passed a resolution to condemn the genocide carried out against the Armenian minority in the Ottoman Turkish Empire between 1915 and 1917 during World War I.


Fatal Utah Mine Disaster Brings Out Union/Non-Union Contrast

The stark contrast between conditions in union and non-union coal mines showed up on Capitol Hill--again--in Oct. 3 testimony on the fatal Utah mine disasters in August.

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