Women Workers in Afghanistan Exposed to Health Risks in Herat Factories

The Safi fur and wool factory, in Herat city, western Afghanistan, has more than 350 female and 300 male workers who earn only 300 Afghanis (US$6) for their 48-hour, six-day week.


Twelve Years After Rabin's Assassination

About the young Yitzhak Rabin, who joined the Palmach (the pre-independence 'regular forces'). The commander who drove the Arabs from their homes in the 1948 war. The Chief of Staff who called, on us, after the Six-Day War, to honor the enemy dead.


Swiss Aid Official Warns of 'Shocking' Crisis in Gaza

A senior Swiss aid official has warned that the situation in the increasingly isolated Palestinian territory is 'untenable' and 'shocking.'


Controlling the Debate on Palestine, Israel

The last time I spoke publicly in the United States before my current tour was nearly four years ago. During this time I had traveled the world, passing my message to people in nearly 20 countries.


Breaking the Siege on Gaza: A United Front for Peace

The aim of this humanitarian, non-political campaign is to put pressure on the Israeli government in order to lift the siege imposed on the population of Gaza.


Turkish Attack on Iraq Would Lead to Humanitarian Crisis, ICRC warns

A humanitarian crisis will accompany any large-scale Turkish military operations aimed at pursuing Turkish-Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) warned on 17 October.


The Armenian Genocide, Appeasing Turkey, and the Iraq War

The news from Congress this week is grim. Democrats, who previously endorsed a resolution condemning the Ottoman Empire for the Armenian genocide during World War I, are now withdrawing their support.


Bush's Politics of Terror and Turkey's Genocide of Armenians

A House committee yesterday passed a resolution to condemn the genocide carried out against the Armenian minority in the Ottoman Turkish Empire between 1915 and 1917 during World War I.


Two Knights and a Dragon

I agree that the US is acting against its true interest (and the true interests of Israel) – but the American leadership does not see it that way. Bush and his people believe that it would be advantageous for the US to establish a permanent American military presence in the middle of this region of huge oil reserves.


Lebanon and Syria: The Politics of Assassination

Why would a country that was willing to sink so low now provide pretexts for hostilities by carrying out brazen assassinations against America’s allies in Lebanon? Each such assassination only helps cement the anti-Syrian cries stemming from Washington, Tel Aviv and Beirut.