Civilians Killed by Bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan

Around 16 civilians died and another 14 were injured early Tuesday morning after a U.S. helicopter attacked a town near Tikrit in northern Iraq.


Mental Problems and Stress Disorders Increase in Iraq

According to Aboudy, about 100 patients a day visit the hospital since it is the only one with a psychiatric unit in the capital although it lacks supplies and medical staff. Long queues form daily outside its door.


Humanitarian Concerns Growing Near Iraqi-Turkish Border

Dozens of families have been leaving villages near the Iraq-Turkey border since 21 October, joining the hundreds who have already fled the area as tension rises between Turkish-Kurdish rebels and the Turkish army.


Turks and Kurds Protest Iraq Invasion Policy

Protests erupted this past week in Turkey and Iraq over Turkey's decision to authorize an invasion of Iraq in order to fight Kurdish separatists.

Iraqi Kurds Protest Turk Decision

Hundreds of people in Arbil, the major city in the Iraqi Kurdistan, took to the streets on Thursday to protest authorization of the Turkish Parliament to conduct military operations in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.


Breaking: Iraqi Communist Party Rejects Turkey's Threats and Calls for Dialog

A statement issued today (17 October 2007) by a spokesman of the Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party expressed deep concern about the escalation of tension on Iraq's borders with neighbouring Turkey.


Many Americans Still Don’t Grasp Iraq War is Illegal

Mistakenly, many Americans still believe President Bush’s war on Iraq is justified because Congress supported it and funds it.


Iraqi Communist Party Mourns the Passing of Dr. Naziha al-Dulaimi, Women's Leader and Patriot

The late comrade was born in Baghdad in 1923, at a time when the modern Iraqi state was still in its early days. At the age of 20, she was one of few female students at the Medical College in Baghdad.


Rift Valley Fever Diagnosed in Southern Iraq, say local authorities

Local authorities in Nassiriyah, a town about 300km south of Baghdad, have asked livestock farmers to take all necessary precautions after laboratory tests showed that some livestock had developed Rift Valley Fever


Blackwater and Safari Tourism in Iraq

Shortly after the occupation of Iraq in 2003, Coalition Provisional Authority administrator Paul Bremer issued an edict granting immunity to U.S. military and civilian personnel including employees of Blackwater USA, from criminal prosecution in Iraqi courts.

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