Cuba Prepares for UN Vote Against US Blockade

Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque is to start a full working program at UN Monday, on the eve of the annual debate at the General Assembly against the US-imposed economic blockade to that Caribbean island.


Bush's War Cry

Viva Cuba libre! (Long live free Cuba!). That was the war cry throughout the plains and the mountains, forests and sugarcane fields, identifying those who began Cuba's first war of independence on October 10, 1868.


Canadian Couple Goes to Cuba for Quality Medical Care

A Halifax couple, Vern and Diane Paul went to Cuba for her double-knee replacement, but instead they both were operated on.

UN Rep Praises Cuba Biofuel Stance

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Swiss academician Jean Ziegler, Friday called Cuba's rejection to divert crops for the production of biofuels strong and very good.


Cuba vs. Bush: A Shaming Comparison

Growing numbers of US citizens realize that the George W Bush administration has been nothing short of a disaster for them and for their families.

Bush Obsessed with Cuba's Collapse

Trying to destroy the Cuban Revolution through the economic, financial, and commercial blockade and other coercive measures has been an obsession for US President George W. Bush.


Cuba Responds to Bush

Replying to three spurious initiatives for Cuba proposed by George Bush in Washington on October 24, Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque set out 12 points “covering what the U.S. president should propose as aid” to the island.


Reflections of President Fidel Castro: Che

I make a halt in my daily struggle to bow my head in respect and gratitude to the exceptional combatant who fell on October 8th, forty years ago


US Uses Blockade to Steal Cuban Money

The richest country in the world, the United States, behaves like a thief by robbing Cuban banks of money illegally frozen, which it is supposed to conserve and protect.