Global Warming and Allergies

Global warming can make allergies worse simply because the major pollen producers that trigger allergic reactions thrive and flourish in warmer air. A recent report from the nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council


Atlanta: HUD Civil Rights Investigation of AHA Continues

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has officially processed two complaints made by resident association leaders, Diane Wright and Shirley Hightower, of Hollywood Courts and Bowen Homes public housing communities.

Dollar to Take a Dive, says IMF Head

IMF (International Monetary Fund) director, Rodrigo Rato, forecast that the dollar is due for a disorganized and pronounced fall.


Poisonous Plastic Bottles Piling Up

Most types of plastic bottles are safe to reuse at least a few times if properly washed with hot soapy water. But recent revelations about chemicals in Lexan (plastic #7) bottles are enough to scare even the most committed environmentalists from reusing them

Leak Reveals Cheney's Plan for Iran Attack

An official close to US Vice President Richard Cheney leaked plans for an attack on Iran which have been made public Friday by the German news outlet Der Spiegel.

Bush's Threats Against Cuba Condemned Worldwide

The General Secretary of the Venezuelan Workers Union, Orlando Chirino voiced in Caracas his strong rejection to the anti-Cuba speech pronounced by US President Bush on Wednesday and said if Cuba were attacked it would receive the unconditional support of Venezuela.

UN Rep Praises Cuba Biofuel Stance

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Swiss academician Jean Ziegler, Friday called Cuba's rejection to divert crops for the production of biofuels strong and very good.


Thousands to March for Peace Oct. 27

United for Peace and Justice, the largest antiwar coalition in America, has announced plans for 11 peace marches to take place around the nation on Oct. 27.

Chavez Points to Bush Policies as Cause of High Oil Prices

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said U.S. foreign policy is in part responsible for soaring oil prices and predicted that crude will continue its upward spiral rapidly closing in on the 100 US dollars per barrel benchmark.


S-CHIP Battle Highlights Sharp Ideological, Class Conflict

As Congress prepares to send second S-CHIP bill to the president's desk, which provides $35 billion over 5 years to provide insurance to 10 million children, President Bush's and the Republican Party's spending on the Iraq war will likely exceed $611 billion for the past 4-plus years.

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