Why Costa Rica Might Not Need CAFTA After All

Costa Ricans are coming to realize that sticking with the status quo might not be such a bad thing. In terms of trade, most Costa Rican produce will continue to enjoy duty-free access to the US market due to the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI).


Truck Pollution

A typical diesel-powered 18-wheeler can emit as much nitrogen oxide and fine particulates—key elements in the formation of asthma-inducing smog—as about 150 passenger cars.


Atlanta: Evictions Averted so far for Unemployed Families in Bowen Homes

None of the two dozen or so families who were expecting to be evicted from Bowen Homes public housing community on Thursday, October 04, 2007, were evicted as of yet, and they appear safe for the moment.


Inter-Korean Summit to Broaden Cooperation, Promote Peace

The agreement reached between the top leaders of South Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) at their summit in Pyongyang will increase cooperation between the two sides.


On Health and Safety, Most Air Fresheners Stink

Most common household air fresheners contain potentially noxious chemicals that degrade the quality of indoor air and may even affect hormones and reproductive development, particularly in babies.


UN Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Ethiopia's Somali Region

Concern is mounting about the humanitarian situation and human rights in Ethiopia’s Somali region, which threatens to affect 1.8 million people unless remedial action is taken soon.


Last Dance for Bush and the 2008 Elections

The U.S. is at a crossroads. Why? Because the right-wing political bloc – a bloc that has dominated political life for a quarter century – is finally losing its momentum and potency.


Iraqi Communist Party Rejects Biden's US Senate Resolution

The Iraqi Communist Party has firmly rejected the non-binding resolution presented by Senator and US presidential candidate Joseph Biden, and adopted by the US Senate on 26 September 2007.


2003 Bush-Aznar Meeting Opens Can of Worms on Iraq War Prosecutions

Ernesto Ekaizer, who revealed the minutes of a secret meeting between George W. Bush and ex-president Jose Maria Aznar in which they made a plot to attack Iraq, asserted on Thursday that there is enough criminal evidence to try the Spanish president.


Gulf Fishermen Struggle to Rebuild What Katrina Destroyed

In a shower of sparks, Ricky Robin was repairing hurricane damage to “Lil’ Rick,” his 56-foot steel-hulled shrimp boat, when he spotted an out-of-town reporter snapping photos.

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