Flirting with Danger: Mexican Presidential Campaign Grows Tense

Fox’s free-fall lack of statesmanship regarding the election has truly been his greatest disservice to Mexico after a tenure marked by embarrassing indecision, a weak-willed and limited vision, and a Forrest Gump-like capacity to deal with complexity.

Top Ten Reasons to Stop Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos, billionaire co-owner of Amway, will likely win the Republican Party primary for the governor’s race in Michigan. He sure has paid enough for it.

Iran: Opposition to US Pressure and Intervention

The Tudeh Party of Iran warns against the rising tensions and the issue of Security Council resolution against Iran. We believe the world public opinion in its vast majority, and definitively, are against a new war and military intervention in the internal affairs of Iran.

Just in time for the 2006 Election – Bush Warms Up for a War with Iran

In the face of mounting international isolation, eroding popular support and growing discontent even within the U.S. political and corporate elites, the Bush Administration has put the nation and the world on a collision course with Iran.

Bolivia: Everyone’s Duty to Recuperate Our Natural Resources

From here we will express to Bolivia and the whole world that [this is] the struggle of our people, of the indigenous peoples historically on this land, the struggle of our ancestors such as Tupac Katari, Tupac Amaru and Bartolina Sisa and so many other leaders. 

The Feather That Woke Up A Sleeping Giant

Charlie Hardy is a former US Catholic priest who spent eight years living among the poor of Caracas in a house of compressed cardboard without sanitation during the dying days of Venezuela’s ancien regime that were triggered by the Caracazo or social explosion of February 27th 1989 following a hike in the price of petrol.

Biofuel developed in Cuba

Rocketing oil prices have made Cuba search for less polluting energy sources as biofuels. It has become ever more urgent the need to stop irrational hydrocarbon consumption, led by the United States, the greatest polluter worldwide..

Wal-Mart blocking union in Ghana

The long arm of Wal-Mart has reached Africa and threatens union representation in a garment supplier in Ghana...The company is currently refusing to sign the required form that would permit formal certification of the union in the factory.

Sudan: No agreement on UN force in Darfur

Talks between a Security Council delegation and Sudanese President Umar al-Bashir...failed to reach a consensus on the deployment of a UN peacekeeping force. It was the first time the Council had come to the Sudanese capital for face-to-face meetings with Sudanese authorities.

Whose Table Is It, Nancy?

Nominal leader of the Democrats in Congress Nancy Pelosi, following talking points produced by the Republican National Committee, recently told her fellow Dems to keep impeachment off the table.

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