New U.S. doctrine proposes nuclear strikes

The new doctrine proposes eight specific cases in which regional commanders in the Pacific and other theaters may request presidential approval to carry out a nuclear strike.


India: One Year of the UPA Government

The people of India had voted for a government which upholds the secular principle, rejects the communal forces and charts a path of development which meets the needs of millions of people who were deprived of the benefits of growth during the six years of BJP rule. They wanted India to play an independent role in world affairs in line with our traditional non-aligned policy without giving into imperialist pressures.


Students March To US Military Base in Ankara,Turkey

On May 6, university students from the Communist Party of Turkey and the Patriotic Front from all over Turkey held a demonstration in Ankara to commemorate Deniz Gezmis, Huseyin Inan and Yusuf Aslan, the three revolutionaries, who had been executed on May 6, 1972


Venezuela: Building the socialism of the twenty-first century

Chávez in his(May Day) speech said that the working class must take its place in the leadership of the revolution. Capitalism, he said, is incompatible with the full development of democracy envisaged in the constitution; we must build “the socialism of the twenty-first century.”


Massacre in Colombian Peace Community

The Colombian conflict is rooted in social inequalities. Between 60 and 68 percent of the population are currently living at or below the poverty line.... The SOA-style repression that is killing thousands every year is supposed to maintain the status quo—to keep the rich powerful and the poor silent.


Red, White, and Without a Clue

Thanks to a recent confluence of events involving our interaction with the Muslim world, it is clear that “they” do hate us for what we stand for. Unfortunately, what we stand for is not freedom, democracy, nor any other high-minded ideal. Rather, we stand for arrogance, barbarism, and violence.


Philippines: The War Against the People

Scholars Denounce Killings in the Philippines and Calls for a World-Wide Action


Apartheid and the US-Mexican Border

How should the left and left-wing labor movement approach the immigration debate? First off, labor needs to unite to repeal NAFTA, raise the minimum wage, and fight corporations instead of attacking its third world proletariat counterparts in an act of cannibalism.


Assata Shakur is No Terrorist

Official Response to Announcement of $1 million Bounty and the Listing of ASSATA SHAKUR on Domestic Terrorist Watch List.


South African CP: A new growth path to address the jobs crisis and foster sustainable livelihoods

'The ANC election campaign manifesto of 2004, supported by its allies, the SACP, COSATU and SANCO, agreed on a ‘People’s Contract to Create Work and Fight Poverty’...Our immediate task is to translate these Manifesto commitments into reality...'

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