MIDDLE EAST: FGM still largely an unknown quantity in Arab world

FGM(Female Genital Mutilation) is a barbaric practice that is still common in many parts of the world.

TOGO: Human rights group says 790 killed, 4,345 hurt in election violence

Turmoil continues following disputed election of son of former late dictator. Human rights violations mushroom. Faure Gnassingbe had previously seized power through extra-constitutional means. The world watches...

MOZAMBIQUE: First 100 days of President Armando Guebuza

'Guebuza's populist efforts to shake up government, and his stated commitment to public service reform, are seen as a positive beginning.'

'Honour the Soviet Red Army and people' say Britain's Communists

The 60th anniversary of the defeat of fascism in Europe reminds us of the heroic role played by the Soviet Red Army, and of the sacrifices of the Soviet people who lost 27 million dead in the fight against the Nazis', Simon Renton told the Communist Party of Britain's political committee on Monday evening.

Reviving Nuclear Disarmament

'It seems that the United States and the other nuclear weapons states are trying to evade their obligations and responsibilities under this critical treaty.' Words of retired corporate-journalist-for-hire, Walter Cronkite.

South American-Arab Summit Condemns Israeli Occupation

Leaders, taking part in the summit, signed the 'Declaration of Brasilia', which condemned terrorism, denounced US sanctions against Syria and supported moves to give developing countries more clout on the international stage

Cuba Reaffirms its Strong Position against Terrorism

President Fidel Castro announces May 17 march on the occasion of Farmer's Day, to demand arrest of wanted terrorist Lius Posada Carriles.

In Colombia there is a severe ongoing conflict: Popular insurgency or Terrorist Threat?

Why is the characterization made of the Colombian conflict
so important? Simply because if the physician makes an
erroneous diagnosis, it is only logical that he/she will
also be mistaken about the treatment and as a consequence
the patient will get worse instead of improving...

“La Scierie” Prisoners Dragged Before St. Marc Kangaroo Court

Haitian Constitutional Prime Minister Yvon Neptune continues hunger strike. His prisoner status says it all. Democratic processes have long since been kicked to the curb by the swift boot of US imperialism under the direction of Bush Jr.

SUDAN: Seasonal rains likely to hamper relief operations

Humanitarian crisis intensifies with anticipation of inclement seasonal weather.

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